YNN Global provides professional investment consulting services

Foreign investors tend to invest in Vietnam more and more. However, there are many investors who do not understand the legal regulations of Vietnam, which easily lead to unwanted mistakes. Investment advisory services help clients understand the market and help them make a profit from their investments. So, to learn more about investment advice and the benefits of investing, please read the following article.


1. Some interesting investment areas


1.1. Property investment

Real estate investment is one of the forms worth considering. Large investors often want to invest in this field because it is expected to have high profitability. Currently, a number of consulting services for real estate investment have been born, meeting the needs of investors in terms of knowledge and market. Real estate investment consulting is consulting, introducing and calling customers to buy, sell, and own real estate. This is a very important step to finding customers when you want to sell a real estate product.


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Real estate investment consulting means that you provide research materials and data, and you must provide necessary information to customers. This information is for reference only. Customers find useful documents that they see can generate profits. Customers make their investment decisions.


1.2. Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions, also known as M&A, are mergers and acquisitions of businesses in the market. It is the act of gaining control of a business.


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A merger: is the association between businesses of the same size to create a new large enterprise. The merged company will transfer all its assets, rights, obligations, and legitimate interests to the merging company and terminate the existence of the merged company to transform into a new company.

Acquisition: a form of large enterprise that will buy smaller and weaker businesses, but these acquired businesses will still retain their old legal status and the acquiring business will have legal ownership of the business that just bought mine.


3. The benefits of investing


3.1. Property


Generate an attractive income for customers.

You can generate a great income through real estate investment. Many people change their lives by investing in real estate. With a plot of land, you can make hundreds of millions, or even billions, of dollars in just a few months or a few years. Real estate is an industry with great potential in the future. Land is not only for building houses but also for business purposes such as tourist resorts, entertainment venues, etc., showing the great potential of land whose value increases over time.


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Economic leverage

You can mortgage an asset that is your real estate to invest in other real estate for a profit.


Bringing preferential tax benefits to customers

Real estate investments also offer the opportunity to enjoy tax deductions such as the cost of ownership and the cost of managing and operating the property.


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High profitability

If normal products can only make money in thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, then real estate has the ability to earn up to hundreds of millions, several billion dong. However, the investment process should be cautious because the investment field has a high rate of return, so it comes with great risks. Investors need to be equipped with thorough knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the market and legality of the real estate they intend to invest in.


3.2. Acquisitions and Mergers


M&A reduces costs.

The merger, or acquisition, will reduce production costs but also help expand market share, help generate revenue, and increase growth opportunities. Furthermore, the synergistic value of each M&A transaction will aid in increasing efficiency and value.


Increase the size of the business.

Mergers and acquisitions will help businesses penetrate new markets and have new product lines. In addition, it will help to expand the scope of distribution, branches, projects, or transaction offices…


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Reduce labor costs.

In fact, when two or more companies merge, there is a need to reduce human resources, especially indirect jobs or security guards. Therefore, M&A will help businesses screen out ineffective positions, giving them the opportunity to receive a well-qualified and experienced workforce.


Financial improvement

One of the most prominent benefits cannot be ignored when doing mergers and acquisitions. The financial strength of the business will be significantly increased. Businesses will increase their capital use and access to capital, share risks, and enhance financial transparency and clarity.


Raise the level of science and technology-engineering

Each company will have a different business strategy and use of science and technology. Through M&A, businesses can take advantage of each other's technology or techniques, learn and absorb new things to create competitive advantages. Furthermore, greater capital availability is one of the favorable conditions for them to improve their modern technology to serve their business.


4. YNN Global provides professional investment consulting services.

Customers who have investment needs but do not know the knowledge and do not believe in their abilities can choose YNN Global to accompany them.

YNN Global is an enterprise operating in the market for many years, and knowing the legal regulations gives you complete peace of mind to invest. Customers who need to immediately contact the hotline of YNN Global for advice and quick support should do so.





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