Business visa application service for foreigners in Vietnam

1. What is a business visa?

A foreign business visa is a type of visa granted to foreigners entering Vietnam to work for businesses. When applying for a business visa, foreigners will be partners with Vietnamese businesses. 

Apply for a business visa with the main purpose of coming to Vietnam so that you can conveniently exchange information, sign contracts, develop cooperation or discuss strategies with partners. In addition, a business visa is also a factor used to distinguish foreign workers working in Vietnam. 

One point to note is that a business visa is valid for no more than 12 months. Foreigners can completely extend their business visa if they want to continue to stay in Vietnam.


2. Subjects granted business visas in Vietnam

Unlike foreign workers, those who are granted a business visa in Vietnam with a term of no more than 1 year will include the following individuals:

  • Enterprises are foreign investors. 
  • Head of the Representative Office of NGOs 
  • Foreign workers who have been granted work permits 
  • Lawyers are licensed by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam to practice in Vietnam.

3. Time to apply for a business visa

To be able to fully complete the procedures for applying for a business visa, it will take you a lot of time to prepare and submit it to the competent authority for stamps and official letters. Normally, applying for a business visa in Vietnam is valid for 5-7 days (except Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays) or longer depending on nationality as well as the time of application.

4. Benefits of using the service for applying for a business visa

To be able to apply for a business visa, foreigners can apply for a business visa by themselves. However, the preparation of the application will take a lot of your time. And the problem that often happens is that foreigners cannot fully understand and know all the regulations for applying for a business visa in Vietnam. Not to mention, the visa success rate will be difficult if you do it yourself. The business visa service in Vietnam was born to solve all worries for foreigners when coming to Vietnam.



Not only that, when using the business visa application service, you will be able to neatly handle difficult cases, lack of documents, or encounter any situation. The service will help you understand and offer the best solutions for you.

5. We are a prestigious and high-quality service provider for foreign business visas in Vietnam

YNN GLOBAL is proud to be a unit specializing in providing and consulting services for applying for business visas for foreigners in Vietnam with prestige and quality in the market. with many years of experience in the field of visa services for foreigners. We are confident that we will provide you with solutions to help you complete legal procedures as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Not only issuing new visas, here we have services related to visa extension for foreigners for each customer's purpose.

Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you understand the overview of business visa services in Vietnam as well as what a business visa is. For more information, customers can contact YNN GLOBAL for the fastest advice and support. We are happy to serve you. 

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