Things to prepare when setting up an electronics manufacturing company in Vietnam

Charter capital of electronics manufacturing company

Because this is a business line with no legal capital requirements, the members (or shareholders) establishing the company need to make a choice that is suitable with their financial capacity and business orientation. In which, assets used for capital contribution can be VND, foreign currency, gold, intellectual property rights, technology, technical know-how.

Name of company that manufactures electronic goods

The company name is created by mainly from 2 parts, including the mandatory part and the proper name part.

- The required section must include the type of activity of the company. For example, if your company is going in the direction of limited liability, then this phrase should be mentioned in the name of the company and the same goes for other types.

- Private part: This is the part that can become commercial of the company later, so you need to consider it carefully before placing it for the company. To ensure no future consequences, YNN Global recommends that you book in accordance with the law and avoid duplicating with other companies as much as possible.

Conditions for headquarters of electronic goods manufacturing companies

Except for apartment buildings, business owners can choose to have their headquarters located at any address that identifies any administrative gender (including house number, niche, alley, street lane, street or hamlet, hamlet, hamlet, etc.) , commune, ward, town, district, district, town ....), phone number, fax number, email (if any).

Profile of electronic goods manufacturing company

To be able to set up a company specializing in manufacturing electronic products, you need to prepare at least the following types of paper:

- Application for registration of business establishment.

- Company rules.

- List of members and shareholders (co-founding shareholders, shareholders being foreign investors...).

- Copies of legal papers of members and shareholders being organizations (if the members or shareholders are foreign organizations, the legal papers must be consularly consolidated).

- A copy of the investment registration certificate for foreign investors in accordance with the Law on Investment of Vietnam

- A copy of the document appointing a representative or authorization (if any).

- a copy of the investment registration certificate for foreign investors in accordance with the Law on Investment of Vietnam.

Some codes of electronics manufacturing industry in Vietnam

Below are some occupations that specialize in the manufacture of computers, computer components, communication equipment and similar electronic products as well as the manufacture of electronic components. If you want to set up a company, you can choose one of the following industry codes as your main business code:

- 2610: Manufacture of electronic components.

- 2620: Manufacture of computers and computer peripherals.

- 2630: Manufacture of communication equipment.


- 2651: Manufacture of measuring, testing, control and navigation equipment.

- 2660: Manufacture of radiation equipment, electronic equipment in medicine, electrotherapy.

- 2732: Manufacture of other electrical and electronic wires and cables.


Through the article on YNN Global, you can answer the question "What procedures do you need to complete in Vietnam to set up an electronics manufacturing company". We hope that through the article, we have partly helped you in the process of establishing and developing the company in the future.

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