HR outsourcing service at YNN GLOBAL 

1. What is HR outsourcing?

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO for short) is a type of service where businesses hire a human resource provider to perform jobs related to human resource management. 

Outsourcing human resources is considered the most optimal solution to help businesses make the most of their resources. This is very suitable when businesses carry out projects in a short time without the need to recruit official personnel.


Human resource outsourcing services will take care of recruiting and performing, on behalf of the business, the obligations of the employer. 

2. The benefits of using HR outsourcing services

Save time and money

Reality proves that the cost of HR outsourcing services is often much lower than the cost of building an organizational structure within the business. Businesses will not need to pay additional personal income for employees, insurance, etc. 

Above all, using human resources outsourcing services helps you reduce the time it takes to find human resources for your company. Not only that, the outside human resources are highly qualified to speed up the working process faster and more efficiently. In this way, businesses can optimize and take advantage of internal human resources to focus on the core value of their main business activities

Professional management

The use of outsourcing personnel ensures uninterrupted work, especially for some small businesses with few human resources. Above all, when working with experts, you will have more peace of mind. They will support businesses to come up with strategies and solutions to overcome obstacles and improve skills for businesses. This helps businesses avoid disruptions in the business flow, creating a large source of revenue. 

Outsourcing personnel with high flexibility will help businesses always maintain the number of employees suitable for business activities, helping the management apparatus to be lean and tight.

3. The process of implementing HR outsourcing services at YNN GLOBAL

Step 1: Find out the actual needs of customers

YNN GLOBAL will learn and exchange detailed information with the company, including actual requirements and specific workload. From there, provide solutions to help businesses use the service effectively.

Step 2: Implement the candidate screening process and find personnel

We will help businesses recruit and screen candidates who meet the company's requirements.

Step 3: Check the candidate's skills, abilities and skills before hiring

YNN GLOBAL guarantees to directly test the skills and abilities of candidates after they have been carefully screened. We always ensure that candidates have the right qualities for the vacancy that customers need.

Step 4: Supply and manage regular labor

After passing the interview round, the skills test will be signed. YNN GLOBAL will be responsible for monitoring and verifying the status and quality of work to meet business requirements.

4. The prestigious HR outsourcing service at YNNGLOBAL

The HR outsourcing service at YNNGLOBAL will be the best choice for businesses. With many years of experience and high professionalism, we believe that we will help businesses find sources of candidates as recruiters. Above all, at YNN GLOBAL, we always provide businesses with market information and excellent solutions in the process of solving problems. YNNGLOBAL will act as a bridge between employers and potential candidates, ensuring practical value for your business.

In summary, when businesses use HR outsourcing services from YNN GLOBAL, they will receive:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency at work;
  • Ensure full control of complex processes with confidentiality and compliance with labor regulations and procedures;
  • Consult on flexible solutions based on the human resource needs of each enterprise at different times;
  • Helps save costs and time in the recruitment and training phase; Enterprises can focus on core business activities;

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