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Currently, the number of people immigrating and naturalizing in Vietnam is quite large. Especially in the past 2 years, when Vietnam controlled the epidemic well and attracted high foreign investment. So what are the documents required for immigration and naturalization to Vietnam? Find out more about the prestigious immigration and naturalization service at YNN Global to understand more about this issue.


1. What are immigration and naturalization in Vietnam?

Immigration or immigration to Vietnam is the movement of people with foreign nationality to Vietnam to settle as permanent residents or as naturalized citizens.


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Naturalization in Vietnam means a foreigner may acquire Vietnamese nationality if he/she fully meets the conditions for civil act capacity; complies with the Constitution and laws of Vietnam; knows enough Vietnamese to integrate into the community; must have permanently resided in Vietnam for 5 years or more, and ensure the possibility of life in Vietnam.


2. Immigration and naturalization services for foreigners entering Vietnam.

Immigration and naturalization services include business visas, work permits, and residence cards.


2.1. Business Visa

Dossier to apply for a business visa for foreigners in Vietnam:

  • The original passport of the foreigner is still valid as prescribed.
  • application for a visa, extension of temporary residence of foreigners.
  • The entry official letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department was approved.
  • work permit, in case foreigners are required to apply for a work permit. A certificate of exemption from a work permit must be provided if a foreigner is exempted from a work permit.
  • Depending on who is applying for a business visa, different documents will be required.
  • If the operation license of an enterprise or organization is required, a business registration certificate, operation license of the branch, investment license, representative office, etc.
  • certificate or notice of use of the seal of the enterprise or organization.
  • An introduction document signed or sealed by a competent person at the enterprise or organization to sponsor the foreign worker.


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2.2. Work Permit

Foreigners who are granted work permits in Vietnam

  • The grant of work permits to foreigners is applied to foreigners working in Vietnam, including the following subjects:
  • Subjects performing labor contracts;
  • Working and commuting within the enterprise;
  • The investor is a foreigner but contributes capital to a Vietnamese company, and establishes a Vietnamese company, but the capital contribution is less than 3 billion Vietnam dong;
  • Performance of contracts or agreements on economics, commerce, banking, finance, science and technology, insurance, culture, education, sports, vocational education and health;
  • Supplier of contractual services;
  • Service offering;
  • Being a person working for a foreign non-governmental organization or an international organization in Vietnam and permitted to operate in accordance with Vietnamese law;
  • As a volunteer
  • The representative is responsible for establishing the commercial presence;
  • Participating in the implementation of bidding packages and projects in Vietnam;
  • Employees and members of foreign representative missions in Vietnam are allowed to work in Vietnam according to the provisions of international treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory.


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The documents to be prepared are as follows:

  • A health certificate or a medical examination certificate is issued by a competent foreign or Vietnamese medical agency or organization and is valid for 12 months from the date on which the doctor signs the health conclusion. until the date you submit your application or certificate of health as prescribed by the Minister of Health.
  • A criminal record card or a document certifying that the foreign worker is not being punished, has no criminal record, or is being investigated for criminal liability by a foreign country or Vietnam.


2.3. Temporary residence card for foreigners

The procedures for granting temporary residence cards to foreigners include:


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Step 1: Gather documentation

Depending on the subject, the application file for a temporary residence card will be different. Everyone must know and prepare all the necessary documents.


Step 2: Submit your completed application.

Agencies, organizations, or individuals submit dossiers at one of the three working offices of the Immigration Department-Ministry of Public Security. even in Hanoi. Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

The officer receiving the dossier must check the legality and content of the dossier. After checking the documents, the Immigration Department will send a receipt to the person submitting the application.

  • If the application is complete and valid, the agency will receive the application and print a receipt for the applicant.
  • If the application is not valid, the officer will receive the application and then guide the applicant to supplement the application for completeness. And you will need to make additional preparations and then return to the Immigration Department's office to reapply.


Step 3: Obtain the outcome

On the day the results are returned, the person who comes to receive the results must give a receipt, identity card, or possibly a passport, to the officer to check and compare.

If there is a result of granting a temporary residence card, you will have to pay a fee, then sign it, and the officer will hand over the temporary residence card to the person who comes to receive it.


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