Every company operating in Vietnam, whether domestic or international, must comply with all tax regulations and accounting laws that have been enacted and passed. Simply put, tax declaration and tax reporting monthly, quarterly, and yearly is a must for every company. In order to support businesses in tax declaration, tax reporting services appear on the market - considered the leading solution to help businesses reduce risks and save costs during operation and development.


1. Why should you use a business tax reporting service?

  • Tax reporting is an obligation of every business. However, to avoid common errors and risks in tax declaration, businesses now choose to use external tax reporting services instead of accountants. Because the external corporate tax reporting service is evaluated with high expertise, professionalism, and a long-term commitment to bring many benefits to businesses.
  • Moreover, the regulations on tax policy are always changed and updated continuously every day, every month. Therefore, if you are not an expert in the field of accounting, it will be difficult to catch up on time and report on time. Therefore, choosing tax reporting services is correct.
  • Using tax reporting services helps businesses optimize costs and considerable time.

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2. Which businesses should use tax reporting services?

Tax reporting service is the first choice for small and medium businesses. Because large-scale businesses will often have their own accounting department to ensure economic and financial secrecy. Therefore, a tax reporting service is suitable for small and medium enterprises or foreign enterprises doing business in Vietnam that do not have a clear understanding of taxes.


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3. Types of corporate tax reporting services in Vietnam

Monthly and quarterly tax reports

Tasks that the tax reporting service will help businesses when making monthly - quarterly tax reports:

  • Pay the excise
  • Procedures for notification of the issuance of electronic invoices
  • Register personal tax codes for all employees of the Company.
  • Receive invoices and vouchers from businesses every month
  • Advice on invoices, output, and purchase documents
  • Prepare monthly value-added tax declaration
  • Check and review the submitted invoices, documents, and tax declarations to supplement and make timely adjustments.
  • File a tax return at the tax office or the tax office that manages the enterprise
  • Cost balancing and cost balancing planning

With quarterly tax reports

  • Declaration and payment of quarterly CIT
  • Quarterly PIT declaration, PIT payment
  • Report on the use of invoices quarterly

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Year-end financial statements

Year-end financial statements are a must for every business. A year-end financial statement includes a balance sheet, balance sheet, business activity statement, the performance of obligations to the state, cash flows, and notes to the financial statements.

In addition, it is necessary to finalize the annual CIT and annual PIT


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4. YNN GLOBAL – specializes in providing reputable and quality corporate tax reporting services

YNN GLOBAL is currently a reputable and quality enterprise tax reporting service provider. Here, we will help all partners handle issues related to accounting and tax laws when doing business to ensure the best interests of your business with professionalism and high responsibility at work. With many years of experience in the field of corporate services, YNNGLOBAL is always trusted and used by many businesses. So if your business has needs or questions, please contact us via hotline 0909 594 196 for the earliest and most detailed advice.


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