With the growth of the Vietnamese middle-income population and higher purchasing power, high-quality, well-known cosmetics are booming in Vietnam.

Even though Vietnam possesses abundant natural cosmetic raw materials, the Vietnamese cosmetic industry relies heavily on imported products. In fact, local brands account for 10 percent only.

In Vietnam, foreign brands have a natural advantage in the market as high-quality international brands and cosmetics designed for young consumers are the most demanded products.



International cosmetics imported to Vietnam must be registered before entering the market. The whole process is managed by the Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV) under the Vietnam Ministry of Health (MOH) through its safety regulations and certificates. Unfortunately, the process remains unclear as no particular regulation has been enacted yet.

To register cosmetics in Vietnam, importers are required to proclaim their products. The proclamation dossier includes documents such as:

  • Proclamation report of cosmetics
  • Company registration certificate
  • The power of attorney of the producer/owner of the product
  • Free sales certificate

The process could take 2-3 months from the date of submission.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs must establish a company which is responsible for registering and putting the products on the market. A certificate of free sale, product information file, product safety certificate and several other licenses/documents should be presented to obtain a registration number.


The opportunities in the cosmetic industry are present everywhere in Vietnam. YNN has a professional team to provide you with comprehensive insights to open a distribution company, find a reliable business partner and to register your cosmetic products in Vietnam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My company is planning to distribute products in Vietnam, what are the regulations that we need to consider?

    Prior to distributing your product in Vietnam, you will have to register them at an adequate authority based on the kind of imported products. As only a Vietnamese legal entity can register products, you will need to find either a reliable local distributor or set up a foreign-owned company.

  • Is it safe to register the product under a local distributor?

    Yes and no. It is very important to choose a reliable distributor because he/she will register the product under their company and become the product licence holder as well as the import licence holder. We offer undername import services and thus registering your product under YNN. In this case, you do not need to worry about the trustworthiness of this deal. Furthermore, Cekindo does not request the right of exclusivity, so you are allowed to have more sub-distributors.

  • What are the commonly imported products in Vietnam?

    YNN’s clients usually request registration of products from the following categories:


    • Cosmetics
    • Medical devices
    • Food and beverages such as wine
    • Health supplements




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