Making work permits for foreigners is the responsibility of enterprises when recruiting foreign workers. This is to confirm that foreigners' staying and working in Vietnam are legal and in accordance with the law. However, applying for a work permit takes a lot of time and effort. Understanding those obstacles, a work permit service was born to solve complex problems when applying for a foreign work permit.


1. What is a work permit? 

A work permit is a document that allows a foreigner to work legally in Vietnam. Foreign workers working for more than 3 months at business organizations and companies in Vietnam are required to apply for a work permit and sign a labor contract after that. This helps to ensure the power of both parties and makes it easier to do the job.


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In some cases, foreigners working and working for less than 3 months will not need a work permit. The rest to ensure the rights as well as the legitimacy, the work contract should propose a foreign work permit to protect interests.


2. Subjects need to have a work permit

All businesses that want to employ foreign workers or foreigners wishing to work in Vietnam must apply for a work permit for foreigners. Except:

  • Foreigners working in Vietnam for less than 3 months
  • Foreigner is the owner of a one-member limited liability company
  • Foreigners who are members of a limited liability company with 2 or more members
  • Foreigners who are members of the Board of Directors of a joint-stock company
  • Foreigners come to Vietnam for the purpose of offering services
  • Foreigners come to Vietnam to handle urgent cases such as incidents, technical situations, and complex technologies that affect or threaten to affect production that Vietnamese experts and experts have Foreigners currently in Vietnam cannot handle.
  • Foreigners are lawyers licensed by the Ministry of Justice to practice law in Vietnam


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3. The importance of work permits for foreigners in Vietnam

  • A work permit is one of the documents proving the legitimacy of a foreigner's work. A work permit is required to ensure the full benefits of foreign workers.
  • The work permit is legal. With a work permit, a foreigner will be fully guaranteed by Vietnamese Labor Law the same rights as a Vietnamese citizen
  • In addition, entry and exit, temporary residence at the competent agencies need a work permit
  • If you do not have a work permit, you will violate the law in Vietnam and be fined according to regulations, even be expelled from Vietnam.

Employers who are foreign workers need to be knowledgeable about this to ensure the rights of their employees. However, in some cases, employees have to carry out the above documents themselves.


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4. Professional and prestigious work permit service at YNN GLOBAL

Coming to the professional and prestigious work permit service at YNN GLOBAL, customers will notice that:

  • The staff has many years of experience in the field, is fluent in foreign languages, knowledgeable in Vietnamese law
  • Bringing optimal solutions, cost-effective, and fastest implementation time for customers
  • Professional working process, 24/7 customer support from consulting quotes to paying licenses to customers
  • Make sure to always update the latest information about the law, support to supplement the status of the records for customers
  • Handling difficult and urgent documents
  • Receive application results on time as committed
  • No costs were incurred during the use of the service

With the desire to ensure the interests of customers. YNNGLOBAL confidently brings satisfaction to every customer. Please contact us immediately via 0909 594 196 or visit the website to receive advice and answer any questions.


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