In order for an enterprise to legally do business in Vietnam, it must have a certificate of business registration in Vietnam. So what is a enterprise registration certificate? What is the content, the cases are granted and the time is granted? Follow the full article below to find the answer for yourself!


1. What is a enterprise registration certificate?

It is known that the enterprise registration certificate (ERC) is also known by many other names such as business registration certificate or business registration license ...

Enterprise Registration Certificate -1  

The enterprise registration certificate can be written in plain paper but can also be written in electronic form and is licensed by the business registration authority. An enterprise registration certificate is understood in the simplest way as a "birth certificate" of an enterprise and contains all information about business registration. From there, it is to support the authorities to manage and control basic information related to the business. In addition, the enterprise registration certificate certifies that the company has legal status from the date of issuance.


2. What are the contents of an enterprise registration certificate?

An enterprise registration certificate includes the following 5 main contents:

- One is: Business code.

- Second: Address of the head office.

- Third: Name of the company, the enterprise registered for the enterprise registration certificate.

- Fourth: Charter capital for companies, investment capital for private enterprises.

- Fifth is: Personal information of the legal representative of the business / capital contributor / general partner / business owner / individual owner, full name, business identification number and address corporate headquarters.

Enterprise Registration Certificate -2


3. Cases in which business registration certificates are granted

In fact, there are two cases where an enterprise registration certificate is granted, which is a newly issued case and a re-issued case.


Newly issued case

In the case of being granted a new business registration license when such enterprise fully meets the following conditions:

- One is: Valid profile.

- Second: Pay the full fee.

- Third: Valid business name.

- Fourth: Legal profession.


In case of being re-issued

Cases in which the enterprise registration certificate can be re-issued include:

- The enterprise registration certificate is lost, burned, torn or destroyed in other forms.

- The certificate of business registration is issued with the wrong application, order and procedures as prescribed. In this case, the business registration office will send a notice requesting the enterprise to complete and submit valid documents to be considered and re-issued the business registration certificate.

- Enterprises that change the business registration contents or change the type of operation, can apply for re-grant of the business registration license by sending it to the business registration office. Here you will be reviewed and re-issued by the authorities.


4. Authority to issue business registration certificates

The authority to issue enterprise certificates is the state's public administrative agency. Specifically, the business registration office under the Department of Planning and Investment.


5. Time to issue business registration certificate

The time to issue a business registration certificate can be fast or slow depending on the profile and transparency in the file provided by the enterprise. However, if you are a busy person, have to focus a lot of time on your business and have no free time, you can refer to the service of making business registration certificates from reputable units. quality credit like YNN GLOBAL. Here you will enjoy benefits such as:

– Directly consulted by lawyers on the appropriate company type, industry code, company establishment conditions, charter capital, etc., in accordance with the business requirements of each client.

– Quick processing of documents, from the time of receiving the request to the completion of the preparation of the establishment dossier in 60 minutes.

– Always on time, after 3 days of business license and round seal of the business.


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