It can be said that employees are an almost indispensable part of each business, contributing directly to the operation of the business. However, the process of recruiting and managing human resources takes a lot of time and effort. Especially in the context of the current "severe" market economy, businesses are forced to focus a lot on core activities that bring in revenue. Therefore, outsourcing human resources services was born to help many businesses solve human resource problems.


1. What is HR outsourcing?

Human Resource Outsourcing (HR) for short - is a type of service in which businesses hire a human resource provider to perform tasks related to human resource management.


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Outsourcing human resources are considered the most optimal solution to help businesses make the most of their resources. This is very suitable when businesses carry out projects in a short time without the need to recruit official personnel.

Human resource outsourcing services will take care of recruiting and performing on behalf of the business the obligations of the employer.


2. Benefits of HR outsourcing

Save time and cost

Reality proves that the cost of HR Outsourcing services is often much lower than the cost of building an organizational structure working in the business. Businesses will not need to pay additional personal income for employees, insurance,...


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Above all, using human resources outsourcing services helps you reduce the time it takes to find human resources for your company. Not only that, the outside human resources are highly qualified to speed up the working process faster and more efficiently. In this way, businesses can optimize and take advantage of internal human resources to focus on the core value of their main business activities.


Professional management

The use of outsourcing personnel ensures uninterrupted work, especially for some small businesses with few human resources. Above all, when working with experts, you will have more peace of mind. They will support businesses to come up with strategies, and solutions to overcome and improve skills for businesses. This helps businesses avoid disruptions in the business flow, creating a large source of revenue.


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Outsourcing personnel with high flexibility will help businesses always maintain the number of employees suitable for business activities, helping the management apparatus to be lean and tight.


Reduce risk for business

Human resource outsourcing services often provide many choices for businesses. You can completely let candidates try a job before committing to accepting that person. This helps businesses clearly see the qualifications of the candidate and the candidates will work at the enterprise for a period of time without having to make a recruitment commitment until the enterprise is sure that it is the right person. fit.

Using outsourced personnel during busy periods, and short projects will reduce pressure and avoid sluggishness and overload for other employees. Obviously outsourcing human resources helps businesses retain employees in the long run.


3. Prestigious HR outsourcing service at YNN GLOBAL

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