1. What is an outsourced accounting service?


An outsourced accounting service is an accounting service that is outsourced to another entity. This service can be an organization or an individual who accepts to do the accounting work of companies according to an agreement in principle, a working contract.

Outsourced accounting services will help businesses deal with all accounting tasks ranging from tax, tax declaration, finance, etc., accurately and reliably.


2. The advantages of using outsourced accounting services

2.1. Save time

When hiring an external accountant, all accounting, tax, ... are solved quickly and accurately in a short period of time. Moreover, businesses will not have to spend time training accounting staff.

2.2. Cost savings

When using accounting services, business owners will not pay to hire employees, pay allowances, support accountants, etc. Instead, businesses only need to pay a fee. It is certain to hire accounting services while still ensuring the work is completed professionally and accurately.

2.3. Accurate and professional, guaranteed

Accounting services We always ensure that we have a team of professional accountants with many years of experience and always timely update information about laws and accounting regimes to bring practical and accurate benefits to businesses.


3. Benefits that customers receive when using outsourced accounting services at YNN GLOBAL

3.1. Carry out financial functions

When using outsourced accounting services, it will help determine cost management methods so that businesses can effectively run financial activities. In addition, based on transactions in business activities, accountants will reconcile at the end of the month and prepare financial statements and calculate taxes for that business. In addition, they will help businesses design internal control systems to limit errors and risks of confusion in the organization.

3.2. Invoicing, data entry, employee payroll, and bookkeeping

The accountant will enter data for the business, including purchases from suppliers, make payments, and regularly reconcile the balance with the updated supplier on the system.

In addition, accounting services will assist customers in recording and reconciling all aspects of financial statements.

3.3. Financial statements

after reconciling accounting figures and turning these figures into financial statements for the business. Accountants will have the role of updating financial information as required, such as actual business results against budgets and estimates. When preparing financial statements, it should be checked by the Board of Directors to ensure that the monthly reports are completed before the 20th of the accounting month to keep up with the time declared in the monthly tax returns submitted to the authorities. power.

In addition, the accountant will prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual tax returns for businesses to ensure transparency.

3.4. Business consultancy

For some newly established businesses, the use of outsourced accounting services is an advantage. In the early stages, the Board of Directors will face some difficulties in communicating issues related to contracts, corporate structure, financial terminology or financial statements, and many other related issues. all concerned. Therefore, outsourced accounting services will be one of the most optimal solutions. In each period, they will carefully advise businesses on all terms that need attention.


4. YNN GLOBAL: A reputable outsourced accounting provider in Vietnam


YNN GLOBAL is currently a reputable accounting service provider in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the field of corporate services, YNN GLOBAL always strives to support businesses with the most professional and quality accounting services. Outsourced accounting services at YNN GLOBAL help your business optimize costs effectively and fully perform tax reporting, record-making, and accounting books by week, month, and year. If your business has needs or questions, please contact us immediately via hotline at 0909 594 196 for the earliest and most detailed advice.

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