Professional business process outsourcing services at YNN Global

Business process outsourcing services are now favored by many small and medium enterprises or start-ups. Because of the convenience, saving time, lowering costs, and resolving difficult paperwork for businesses.


1. What is business process outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing (aka BPO) is a method of contracting out various business-related activities to third-party vendors. In other words, it is to transfer the work to a more specialized hire.


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2. Outsourced accounting services

2.1. What is an outsourced accounting service?

Outsourced accounting service is the performance of activities using accounting services between an individual or a business organization and an accounting service provider that leases business or independent accountants. The goal of handling arising economic transactions and all types of enterprise papers, reports, and accounting vouchers is to save money.


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2.2. The work of the service rental business

They will also have to perform the full duties of an accountant. Outsourced accounting services are often phased out.


The first job of the year:

  • Declare and pay tax at the beginning of the year
  • Declare on the provisional CIT return for the fourth quarter of the previous year.
  • report on the use of invoices in the fourth quarter of the preceding year.
  • Make financial statements and finalization of CIT and PIT finalization of the preceding year before March 31.


Daily work:

  • Record collection and storage of invoices and vouchers of accountants
  • Collect and process all invoices and documents related to output, input, and arising activities of the business.
  • Check if the invoices are legal and appropriate or not. handling errors and unreasonable cases.
  • Declare clear receipts and payments, make sales invoices, delivery notes, daily.



  • Monthly VAT declaration.
  • Declare personal income tax and other taxes by month.
  • Declare a report on the use of invoices.
  • Prepare monthly reports of goods, inventory, and revenue for the business.



  • Prepare reports on the use of invoices, PIT sheets, business results, and cash flows of the enterprise quarterly.
  • Check and monitor your tools. Consumption and expense accounting for businesses.


Year-end work

  • Prepare tax reports for the last month of the year and annual PIT finalization reports
  • Declare funds, warehouses, assets, and compare debts
  • Make accounting books, compare each detailed book with the general book
  • Creating a financial report
  • List of accounting books and vouchers
  • Making final settlements such as corporate income tax, personal income tax
  • Performing accounting and tax declarations
  • Other issues that may arise


3. Outsourcing personnel

An enterprise may hire a service-providing enterprise to perform part or all of the work related to personnel management.


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The jobs of the rental business:

  • Planning, managing salary, bonus, and social welfare for employees and managing recruitment, attracting human resources, training personnel, interviewing, etc. for the company.
  • Verify the employee's background and handle employee complaints.


4. Payroll Administration Service-Payroll Trust (Payroll)

Payroll is the right choice for domestic and foreign businesses with the purpose of saving costs, time, and increasing the clarity and transparency of data and documents while ensuring information security.


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The work of the rental business:

  • Calculating salary, tax, allowance, social insurance and other income incurred Pay tax and social insurance to the state.
  • Prepare for payroll and transfer salaries to employees.
  • Managing social insurance and employee benefits
  • Personal income tax management for employees
  • Advice on legal issues for employees


5. Corporate tax compliance and reporting services.

As a rental service to help businesses complete tax reports in accordance with the law.


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The work of the rental business:

  • Declare and settle taxes.
  • Assess tax risks and provide appropriate advice;
  • Support businesses to explain to tax authorities how they
  • Register the procedures for opening a tax identification number with the tax authority.
  • Support to answer tax questions for businesses;
  • Support for international tax compliance services


6. Professional business process outsourcing services at YNN Global

YNN Global is confident of being a place with full experience, full knowledge and a professional service attitude to ensure that the work is completed in accordance with the law. YNN Global is happy to accompany businesses.


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