Currently, there are many individuals and businesses participating in investment but do not know the contents and procedures to get an investment registration certificate like. But now you don't need to be too worried, because through the article below we will help you solve the above problems as well as explain why businesses should have this type of paper.


1. What is an Investment Registration Certificate?

The Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) can be a handwritten document, but it can also be an electronic document prepared from word or other typeable software on a computer. However, it must be recorded with the investor's registration information about the investment project. The main purpose of applying for a certificate is so that domestic or foreign individuals and organizations can legally invest in Vietnam.

Investment Registration Certificate -1

When implementing an investment project or establishing a company with foreign capital, foreign investors are required to have an Investment Registration Certificate. This is to make it easier for the state to manage activities such as foreign investment in Vietnam better.


2. Contents of investment registration certificate

An investment registration certificate prescribed in Article 39 of the Investment Law 2014 has the following contents:

- Code of investment project.

- Name and address of the investor.

- Name of the invested project.

- Location of the investment project and the area of ​​land to be used.

- Objectives and scale of the investment project.

- Project investment capital (Including capital contributed by investors and mobilized capital), progress of capital contribution and mobilization of capital sources from shareholders.

- Project duration.

- Investment project implementation progress: The progress of the basic construction and the progress of putting the work into operation (if any); progress towards implementation of the project's main operational objectives and items. In case the project is carried out in phases, objectives, duration, and content of activities for each phase must be specified.

- Investment incentives, support, bases and conditions for application (if any).

- Conditions for investors implementing the project (if any).

Investment Registration Certificate -2


3. Cases that need to apply for an investment certificate

Article 37 of the Law on Investment stipulates: Cases that need to carry out the procedures for applying for an investment certificate include:

- First: Investment projects at the door of foreign investors in Vietnam.

- Second: Investment projects of economic organizations specified in Clause 1, Article 23 of the Law on Investment, specifically:

+ Having a foreign investor holding 51% or more of the charter capital or having the majority of the general partners being foreigners and an economic organization being a partnership.

+ Having an economic organization specified at Point a, Clause 1, Article 23 of the Law on Investment holding 51% or more of the charter capital.

+ Having foreign investors and economic organizations specified at Point a, Clause 1, Article 23 of the Law on Investment holding 51% or more of the charter capital each year.


4. Reasons of businesses should have an investment certificate

When implementing a certain project, investors are required to apply for an investment certificate with the main purpose of helping the management department of the State of Vietnam to easily manage and control. control investment activities from investors.

In addition to this main purpose, the investment certificate also has important roles that are directly related to the investment process from foreign enterprises such as:

- It is a condition for an investment project to come into operation normally.

- Is a certificate of projects to help investors feel secure when deciding to invest in a project.

- A mandatory procedure when investing in Vietnam's market.


5. Procedures for issuance of investment registration certificates

After the investor meets all the conditions mentioned above and has fully prepared the documents, we need to carry out the following procedures to apply for an investment registration certificate:

- Step 1: Submit your application.

- Step 2: Verify the profile.

- Step 3: Notice of amendments and supplements (In case the enterprise prepares still has shortcomings and has a notice to amend or add more information).

- Step 4: Look up the results.

The above are 4 basic steps to complete the procedure for applying for an investment registration certificate. If you are a busy person, you can contact the centers that specialize in providing legal services and typically YNN GLOBAL. Here you will be supported to carry out the fastest and most convenient procedures for applying for an investment registration certificate.

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