In the past few years, payroll services have become increasingly popular in the Vietnamese business market. Because in fact, the benefits it brings to businesses are extremely large compared to other solutions in salary management, especially the monthly cost of hiring specialized personnel to take on this position. In addition, there is also the risk of data that is not covered by any department. To better understand this service as well as the advantages it brings to businesses, please refer to the entire article below!


1. Reasons why businesses should hire an outside payroll service

Here are the reasons why you should choose an outside payroll service instead of hiring employees to manage this department like traditional businesses often do.

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Comply with the legal provisions of the Labor Law

Currently, employees in an enterprise can include full-time employees but can also be part-time or even contract. They all have different minimum wages, benefits, tax rates, and pay conditions. Meanwhile, the laws and regulations of the state are constantly changing and surely the internal staff in the company will not be able to update and change regularly. Therefore, making mistakes in salary calculation is very easy to happen and it also leads to many other consequences such as audit errors and other costly penalties that businesses have to bear. This will adversely affect the profit earned as well as the image of the company.

Therefore, an external payroll service is probably the most effective solution for businesses at this time. Because usually payroll companies will understand very deeply about the law as well as update information about law changes very quickly. Therefore, they can ensure the legality of labor laws as well as high accuracy in the whole business process.


Cost savings

Using a payroll service will save significant costs compared to hiring personnel or buying software instead. Therefore, businesses should not waste time and money focusing on developing human resources for this segment, but should cover from core competencies, or things that businesses do best to grow.

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Easily manage payroll

In addition to the two big reasons above, hiring a payroll service also helps other departments in the company a lot in managing payroll, typically:

- Reduce the workload for the HR department: The company no longer has to focus too much on personnel and infrastructure for payroll work as before.

- Easy to work with the authorities: Usually companies providing payroll services will represent you to receive the inspection agency.

- Minimize risks and errors: Using a payroll calculation service will help businesses avoid complaints as well as breaking the law.

- Increased security: Is the salary data on the company's server safe and secure? This is a question that baffles business owners. Payroll service companies often have technologies that can detect and warn customers of payroll fraud. Additionally, online payroll solutions provide a "safe haven" for your company's confidential salary data.

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2. Payroll service for businesses with YNN GLOBAL

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