The construction industry is one of the important industries that help build infrastructure and develop the country. Therefore, many investors have chosen this field to start their own business. However, not everyone understands the process as well as the required conditions to be able to establish and operate in this field. Therefore, to help readers have a deeper understanding of this field, the following article YNN Global will explain it to make it easier for you to understand.

The process of setting up a construction company

Construction company is a type of enterprise established in accordance with the law and operating in the field of construction and related industries. To put the company into operation, the founder needs to ensure the implementation of procedures as prescribed by law, including:

Step 1: Choose the right type of business

Currently, according to the provisions of law, enterprises are structured in many forms, popular among them: joint stock company, private limited company, limited liability company, partnership company. Depending on financial resources and own business strategy, investors can choose each type to suit their business needs and capabilities.

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Step 2: Set up a business

After completing the selection of the appropriate business type, you can proceed with the business establishment procedures according to the following procedures:

- Dossier to prepare for business establishment includes:

+ Application for business registration: This is the type of document that shows the most basic information of the business. During the preparation of the application, the investor must ensure the accuracy of the information printed on the application form, which serves as the basis for displaying the information on the business registration certificate.

+ Charter of the company: The company's charter includes specific provisions on the form, function and mode of operation of the enterprise. The company's charter is both the foundation and the operating basis of the enterprise.

+ List of members: The list of members of the company must show full and detailed information about the members in the company, including: name, age, address, personal papers, amount of contributed capital ,..

+ Authenticated papers: For individuals: identity card/citizen identity card/passport/…. For organizations: Business registration certificate/ Investment registration certificate..

+ Practicing certificate: For companies engaged in business lines and professions as prescribed by law, they must have appropriate practice certificates.

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- Submit:

+ Location of application: Business registration office under the Department of Investment and Planning.

+ Method of submission: Currently, there are two forms of application for business establishment, including: direct and indirect.

+ Time to receive and settle: 3 working days.

- Return documents and receive results: When the results are returned, individuals or representatives of businesses will receive results directly at the one-stop department. In case, if there is an error in the dossier, there will be a notice from the business registration office about the amendment and supplement.

When receiving the business registration certificate from the business registration office, the company will officially go into operation.

Notes in the process of establishing a construction company

Currently, in construction activities, there are a number of lines of business on the list of conditional business lines as prescribed in the Investment Law 2014 as amended and supplemented by Law No. Articles of Appendix 4 on the list of industries and trades with conditional investment and business from 2014 include: "Construction investment project management consulting service business, construction survey, design verification. construction, construction supervision consultancy…”

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Therefore, when doing business in these lines, the investor will need to have an appropriate PRACTICE CERTIFICATE in accordance with the provisions of law. Not having a practicing certificate will lead to not ensuring business conditions in the industry. Therefore, those operating without a certificate will be handled in accordance with the law.

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