Cases where overseas Vietnamese are allowed to declare temporary residence when returning home

After Viet Kieu enters Vietnam, the first thing to do is to declare again where you will stay, even in the case of visa exemption.

In this case, if you only spend the night at a hotel or a residence exclusively for foreigners, you only need to declare your temporary stay through the hotel owner or the housing manager.

As for living in a private house, they must directly declare or through the landlord to declare temporary residence to the police.


In case the landlord is entitled to register temporary residence for Viet Kieu and foreigners, including:

- The owner has a relative relationship (Dad, mom, grandpa, grandma...).

- The owner has a husband and wife relationship.

- The owner has a registered rental business.

How are documents and procedures for temporary residence registration for Viet Kieu conducted?

Pursuant to Article 28 of the Law on Residence 2020, the documents and procedures for temporary residence registration for overseas Vietnamese are as follows:

"Article 28. Dossiers and procedures for temporary residence registration and extension of temporary residence

An application for temporary residence registration must include:

- Declaration of change of residence information. If the temporary residence registrant is a minor, the declaration must clearly state the consent of the father, mother or guardian (unless the written consent has been obtained).

- Papers or documents proving lawful residence.

Temporary residence registrants need to submit temporary residence registration dossiers to the residence registration office where they intend to temporarily reside.

- When receiving the application for temporary residence registration, the permanent residence registration agency will check and issue the application receipt to the registrant; In case the dossier is incomplete, the information will be guided to complete the dossier.

- Within 03 working days from the date of receiving the complete and valid dossier, the residence registration agency will be responsible for assessing and updating information on the new temporary residence as well as the temporary residence period. of the registrant to the Residency Database and notify the registrant of the updated information on temporary residence registration. In case of refusal to register, it must reply in writing and clearly state the reason

Within 15 days from the day before the end of the registered temporary residence period, citizens must carry out procedures for extension of temporary residence. Dossier and procedures for extension of temporary residence shall comply with the provisions of Clauses 1 and 2 of this Article.

After examining the application, the residence registration agencies will be responsible for updating the information on the new temporary residence period of the resident registrant in the database and informing the registrant about the update information on temporary residence registration; in case of refusal to register, must reply in writing and clearly state the reason."



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