What is a Blacklist? 

A blacklist is also known as a blacklist. This is a list of foreigners whose entry is restricted. These subjects will not be allowed to apply for a visa to Vietnam. The heaviest object of this blacklist will be forced to exit or deport in Vietnam.

For those who are expelled or forced to exit Vietnam, there will be a time limit for recognition to be allowed to re-enter the country.

The reason is in the blacklist?

Most foreigners will be listed on the immigration blacklist because they overstayed their visas without notifying the authorities. Administrative penalties vary depending on the level, length of stay, and reason for overstaying the visa. However, in the most severe case, they will be forced to exit or deport from Vietnam.

If a foreigner has overstayed his visa in a short period of time, he or she may be allowed to extend the visa by the competent authority. But you still have to pay the administrative fine and then apply for a visa extension as usual.

In addition, there are also a number of other related reasons such as: politics, illegal entry, disturbing social order, violating civil and criminal laws in Vietnam, etc., that will also be listed. blacklist for entry into Vietnam.

What is an expired visa? 

An expired visa is the case when a foreigner enters Vietnam in the form of:

  • Visa free;
  • There is an entry letter;
  • Visa stamped tourist form for 1 month, 1 time or multiple times; once every 3 months, many times; 6 months, multiple times; and once a year, many times.


How to deal with being on the blacklist

Depending on each case, there will be different ways to handle and resolve the blacklist. In this article, we will mainly guide you through some blacklisted cases related to visa overstay.

Handling the immigration blacklist due to the Covid epidemic

Foreigners who have overstayed their visas and are listed on the Blacklist due to the impact of the Covid epidemic. You may be able to continue to extend your visa if you can prove that you are stuck due to Covid

  • Documentation confirming and proving Sar-Covi negative quarantine completions.
  • Guarantee note from the embassy.
  • In the cases that are allowed to extend the visa in Vietnam.

Processing of Blacklist immigration blacklist due to no sponsoring company

  • The decision to quit the job at the old company;
  • Business registration certificate at the new company;
  • Passport side;
  • Declaration of temporary residence certified by ward/commune police;
  • You can also declare temporary residence online;
  • Work permit or official letter of approval for employment;
  • Application form for visa renewal and extension - Form NA5.

How to check the entry ban period, check the blacklist, check the object:

Currently, on PNN Global's side, we have a service to check what violations foreigners are subject to. When is the entry ban and the time allowed to enter Vietnam? And checking this violator is also very simple; you simply need to do the following three steps:

  • Step 1: Send clear information about the foreigner whose passport needs to be blacklisted.
  • Step 2: Pay the blacklist check fee.
  • Step 3: After 1 working day and data filtering, you will receive information about foreigners about: list of subjects, time limit for entry, blacklist violations, department responsible for handling subjects, and officials responsible for handling violations.

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